It’s Who You Know- Continued

If you are up to date on my blog posts, the last one introduced a few of my classmates and their blogs. Here’s three more in case you need some new reading material!

Lauren Cavasinni is another one of my UF CJC peers who has a strong interest in covering sports! Lauren likes sports, and her blog “On the Diamond” follows the gator softball team and their season! I like how many of her posts give you a player to look out for.

Yazmyn Armoni has as blog that is actually quite similar to mine in its emphasis on future career planning! Like me, Yazmyn likes entertainment news and wants to work in media.

And lastly, we have another entertainment news fanatic: Julianna Musumeci! Her blog covers all things Hollywood including Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez’ kidney transplant! It’s a great blog if you love celebrity news!

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