It’s Who You Know

So flashback to my post about connections. Like I said, connections are your lifeline and can have a huge impact on your career growth. College is cool because you have a ton of other students in the same boat as you. Going to school as big as the University of Florida, I can only wonder how many thousands of kids share a major with me. That being said, throughout my four years in Gainesville I was able to make many new friends in the college of journalism and we all want to see each other grow and succeed. Conveniently they all have blogs too! I’ll introduce and link to a few of them in case you want some new reading material. I met Isabella Pico when we took the Radio 1 class together my sophomore year. Her blog “Gainesville Explorer” discusses the history and hidden gems of Gainesville, and I found it at a good time considering I only have a month left to get my fill of this cute North Central Florida city. Isabella will tell you all about fun destinations like the Butterfly Rainforest and Carson Springs!

I met Nicolette Jennings when we took UF’s TV 2 course together, which entailed weekly eight-hour shifts. Nicolette aspires to be a sportscaster, so it’s not too unpredictable that she blogged about Gator basketball teams! She provides updates on all of the games and more recently March Madness!(Congrats Villanova!)

Amanda Grohowski also participated in TV 2 with me this past fall! Her blog is a little bit more vague, but encompasses her interests in travel, violin, health and fitness and more! I particularly took interest to her post on traveling on a tight budget, as graduation trip planning is in its beginning phases for me!

I hope you enjoy these three exciting blogs! My next post will have a few more for you to enjoy!

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