March Madness: Job Boards and The Senior Job Hunt

Cons of being a millennial: global warming and the fact that we will probably never own real estate. Pros of being a millennial: Avocado toast and Justin Bieber, but most importantly ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY!!!!!! In all seriousness, I have no idea how my parents have made it this far given the tools(or lack thereof) they were given. I am, however, very impressed. My mom once told me a scary story about how her entire dormitory hallway in college shared one phone. ONE PHONE! And it definitely was not touch screen….. I promise I’m going somewhere with this. The topic of this post is ~job boards~

If I could rename the millennial generation, it would be the impersonal generation. We don’t shop in person. We don’t watch sports in person. And no longer do we have to apply for jobs in person. All thanks to job boards, we can search for/apply to jobs at any time of the day from anywhere in the world! Essentially, job boards are online “help wanted” ads that outline the duties of a role for a given company. Even if you aren’t ready to apply yet, job boards are a great thing to familiarize yourself with to be ahead of the game. The beauty of job boards is that they don’t waste your time. Once you know what you want you can tailor your searches to best accommodate those preferences. You usually can easily apply through the job board or a linked portal pretty easily. I would definitely recommend browsing through all the job board sites you know of in order to optimize your odds of finding something that fits you. A couple that I know and love(and will go into more detail on in a future post) are Linkedin and Indeed. A lot of big companies will have their job board site implanted into their company page. It can usually be found at the bottom of the browser under a title-head of “Careers.” Explore a few and bookmark a few positions you could be interested in/qualified for.

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