Building a Portfolio

A really good supplemental tool to a resume is a portfolio. This will prove to your prospective employer that the experiences on your resume have given you a foundation in a given field. This will vary greatly depending on what kind of career you seek. If you’re an artist, it could be a collection of art. If you’re a writer, it could be a collection of articles. If you’re a singer, it could be a collection of songs you’ve written. If you’re a television personality, it could be a reel. Personally, I have worked in radio, tv, and internet writing. As a sample, I will attach a piece I have done for TV. A portfolio can be physical or electronic, but I have found that the easiest way to circulate your portfolio is electronically. This can be done via a USB or a website. For mine, I chose to design a website so the user can learn a little bit about me and easily get in touch with me. It also allows me to separate my work into clearly-defined categories. A couple of good(and free) website creators are Weebly and WordPress. Each comes with simple instructions to help you design your site.

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