Getting After It: Outlining Your Goals

So now that we got all that introductory stuff out of the way, let’s get started.

My first post talked a bit about uncertainty. Well my first certainty is that I certainly need to find a job. But, alas, another fork in the road. I’m not one of those people whose first words were “I want to be a CEO” and has strictly followed that aspiration ever since. I do, occasionally, form short-lived career goals depending if I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy or Law & Order: SVU. But for the most part, things are up in the air for me.

But how do I get a job if I’m not even sure what job I want?

Flexibility. See, the convenient part of looking for a job straight out of college is that I don’t have my pick of the litter anyways. I know I’m a very qualified hard worker, but to excel in any industry I’m going to have to pay my dues. They’ll be tons of people with more experience than I do at this point. So instead of being picky, I need to apply to positions that could be my foot in the door to proving myself.

What I do know, is what I’ve always known. I’m not a math or science girl. This is why I’m a telecommunications major. I like my major a lot! But the beauty of a focus in communications is that the studies are relatively general: I’ve learned many facets of media. I’m not a seasoned veteran, but I feel as though I have enough foundation in TV, radio, interactive media, web writing etc. to equip me for many entry-level jobs in media(in addition to specific job training, of course.)

So that takes care of what kind of jobs I want to apply for. Another factor to deal with is the where. I was raised just outside of NYC and wouldn’t have had it any other way. I thrive in fast-paced environments and love the energy of a big city like New York. I’ve also dreamed of a cozy Manhattan apartment since I was little and I know this is where a lot of my family and friends live. Now like I said, FLEXIBILITY. I’m not pulling the plug on opportunities anywhere else, but for now this is a good place to start(figuratively and literally.)


The last consideration is consideration is taking the where one step further. What companies am I interested in that have offices in New York? Thankfully, most. I made a big list that includes what teams I could see myself being a part of. It includes, but certainly is not limited to, BuzzFeed, Pop Sugar, VICE, Barstool, Comedy Central, and Insider.

The next steps include preparing my resume, cover letter and website for application!

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