The Intro

Hello there! Before I dive right into it, I wanted to dedicate a post to giving my prospective readers a glimpse into what I will be writing about.

First off, who am I? I am Stefanie Hall(that freckly girl in the picture). A senior at the University of Florida. A telecommunications major. An Italian language minor. A New York Native. A dog lover. A cancer zodiac sign. A Game of Thrones fan. A scuba diver. I’ll cut it there for now. But if you’re anything like seemingly everyone I come into contact with these days, you’ve picked up on a key-word in my second describing sentence. Yes, I am a senior. Which will probably feed you into your next curiosity and the topic of this blog: what am I doing once the imminent monster some call graduation arrives. At this point, I’m not sure yet. So why don’t we figure it out together?

The post-college world is the first period of absolute uncertainty in many of our lives. There are more options than those new computerized soda machines(maybe?) For most people, you go to preschool, then elementary school, them middle school, then high school, then college then?????????? There are so many options! Are you going to go to medical school? Are you going to get a job? Are you going to pack a backpack and hitchhike across Asia? Personally, I don’t think graduate school is my path but if its yours, that’s great too! I just returned from an amazing semester abroad in Sydney last spring, so I don’t think my parents financing a globe-trotting gap year is in the cards for me either. So it looks like i’m getting a one way ticket to the real world. I’m going to use this blog to document every move I make in securing my spot in the work force.

So you have a couple of reasons to keep up with this blog. Maybe you’re in the same position and we can be terrified together! Maybe you’ve been employed for eight years and have some criticisms or advice on how to land I can land dream job. Or maybe you’re a senior in high school and just want to see where I wind up! Whatever it is, I challenge myself to be employed by the time I walk or trip across that stage in my cap and gown, which is three months and one day from today(no pressure).

Game on!

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